School & District Licenses

Below you will find FAQ’s about purchasing Kesler Science products for your school or district.

My goal is to make the purchase order process as seamless as possible and allow your teachers access to the content quickly.

You can view the complete line of Kesler Science products on or

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact me at


Yes. There are two ways you can purchase Kesler Science products with a purchase order from your school.

1. Directly through Teachers Pay Teachers. Directions here.
2. Directly through Kesler Science. Directions below.

Non-transferable License – License is good for one teacher and CANNOT be transferred to another teacher at any time. License will be attached to the teacher even if they leave the campus.

Transferable License – License is good for one teacher and CAN be transferred to another teacher at any time. The school owns the license rather than the teacher. Preferred by schools and districts due to flexibility.

1. Decide the products you would like to purchase for your team and gain approval from your administration. Price sheet here

Find out if any additional information is needed to make Kesler Science an approved vendor (W-9, sole-source, etc.)

2. Submit a request for a quote to Include the following.

  • Name of School
  • Name of Purchasing employee
  • Address of school/district
  • Email address
  • Products requested
  • Type of license (see price quote sheet attached)
  • # of teachers who will need a license

3. Kesler Science will send you a quote via email along with any additional information needed to be added as a vendor (W-9, sole-source, etc.)

4.  The school or district will create a purchase order and send it to

5.  I will set up and send logins to the purchased resources and email an invoice for payment.

6.  School or district will send check payable to Kesler Science.

Address:  118 Vintage Park Blvd. #w-112, Houston TX 77088


You can find the current price sheet for Kesler Science products here. See below for ordering process.
All of the Kesler Science products were developed for the TEKS and NGSS standards. You can find middle school alignment guides below.

TEKS Standards
NGSS Standards

Yes, you can view an entire 5E lesson by following the directions below.

1. Go here
2. Click on Free Trial at the top
3. Create an account
4. The full lunar cycle lesson will become available on the left hand side (not on mobile)

If the curriculum is purchased on TeachersPayTeachers, the files will be downloaded from the purchasing TpT account.

If the curriculum is purchased directly through Kesler Science, each teacher who owns a license will be provided with a unique login to

Every teacher will have access to the Kesler Science MasterClass which provides nearly 3 hours of video content on how to use the material.

The class will train teachers how to implement the 5E lessons, best practices for the station labs, and tips and strategies for effective interactive note-booking.

All of the videos are on-demand and available 24/7.

Testimonials From Classroom Teachers

“I started using the 5E Lessons last year and noticed an immediate change in the level of engagement (I teach 7-9 science in a small rural Missouri school). I also saw increased understanding, retention, and assessment scores.

The feedback from students was positive–they liked that there were multiple ways of attaining new information and knowledge. My 8th graders take the standardized test (Missouri Assessment Program- MAP) in science and last year’s class had the highest level of proficient and advanced of any class I’ve administered the test to in 11 years of teaching up to that point (6% higher than the previous highest class and NO below basic)!

In addition to student improvement, using the 5E units has helped me develop a much more fluid and comprehensive curriculum and curriculum map. I have moved on to self-paced learning and the 5E units (with some modification of delivery) fits very well within that model. In terms of ease and happiness– using these units is arguably the best decision I have made.”R. McMillan

“When you’ve been in the classroom for 40 years the one thing you don’t want to do is waste valuable time reinventing the wheel. Kesler 5E lessons are designed to help any teacher save time, but the best part is they use the time tested 5E method that has been around for decades because it is successful in the classroom.

These lessons walk you through the Engage, Explore, Explain,Elaborate, and Evaluate steps of all the topics needed for middle school science taught using standards- whether state or NGSS.

These are perfect for new teachers trying to learn proper sequencing or people teaching out of their area of expertise for the first time. For the veteran teacher they are a place to start that can lead to a custom designed unit on almost any science topic.

Because you can pick and choose which sections to use or skip or add to the lessons are totally customizable. These lessons can supplement a textbook or web based program or be used in place of one.

As a National Board Certified Teacher I know a good lesson when I see it and these units are the perfect foundation for a comprehensive middle school science curriculum. ” S. Cumiskey

“Last year was my first year using the 5E lessons in 8th grade science and after years of dropping performances, my passing percentage went WAY up with a tough group!

The engage activities were spot on. I loved the video links which saved me so much time searching for appropriate and engaging content.

The students loved being able to take ownership over their learning in the station labs which also gave me quick formative assessment opportunities and opened up lots of teachable moments! The interactive notebook combined with the power point presentations allowed kids to see, hear, and write the curriculum. And the assessments were a great way to hold them accountable for learning. Having modified options was a life saver for me as well as for my special ed and 504 students!

This year I added the bell ringers. We just finished our first week of school starting with bell ringers on the very first day and I can already tell that this was a wise investment!

Engaging, educationally sound, and easy to use – I am a Kesler Science fan.”A. Reynolds

“Kesler’s 5E model has transformed my teaching entirely. My classroom has become more student-led and I have embraced the change. My students are more engaged, and I enjoy seeing their progress, creativity and curiosity in science!”C. Murphy