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Life Science

Dive into resources that cover middle school life science topics like cells, ecosystems, and body systems.

Earth Science

The earth and space lessons and activities are out of this world.  Discover topics such as geology, weather, the solar system and the universe.

Physical Science

Physical science resources cover middle school science topics from force and motion and chemistry.

Middle School Pedagogy

Learn more about the Kesler Science methods and strategies used by tens of thousands of middle school science teachers every day. 

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Kesler Lab Membership is a game changer! Its has breathed so much life into our daily lessons. Kesler is constantly updating his work. During our remote learning, the Kesler team really worked hard to revamp products to make them tailored to distance learning.  

Alisha Gross

My Assistant Principal actually observed me during class when my class was doing Station Labs on the Water Cycle. I received high marks on delivery, organization, student engagement AND differentiation.

Rocquina Vaughan

The prepared lessons allow me more time to work with individual students and more time to better assess understanding.

Brian King

I’m not spending my time recreating the wheel. It also helps me narrow in and focus on the standard/objective.

Leighann Worthen


I'm  Chris Kesler

My passion has always been about engaging students further and allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning. As a middle school science teacher, I developed lessons and systems that students loved. My activities were student-centered and we had a blast in my class. 

These resources and activities are now available to all middle school science teachers.  I’m super happy to connect with you and look forward to serving you and your students’ needs. Together we’re going to be amazing!