8th Grade Science STAAR Review

Looking for a way to review your students for the 8th-grade science STAAR test?  The key to a successful review is to start preparing well before your actual review begins.  I’ve put together a series of resources that will make your STAAR review better than ever.

Lone STAAR Launch – 8th-Grade Science STAAR Review

Over the last year, I teamed up with Scott and Natalie from the Science Duo to create the ultimate 8th grade science STAAR review. We’ve spent the last year researching and identifying what characteristics should be included.

The goal of this project was to create a review unlike any other, one that we would have loved to use in our own classrooms.

When we started out, we set up some non-negotiables about what our STAAR review must achieve.

  • It had to be student-centered.
  • It had to be fun and engaging.
  • It had to be laser-focused and in alignment with the readiness and supporting TEKS.
  • It had to be data-driven.
  • It had to be easy for any teacher to understand and implement.

The Lone STAAR Launch will help eliminate much of the stress that goes into preparing an end-of-the-year test review. I know it’s going to be one of the most valuable resources in your toolbox.

You can learn more about the Lone STAAR Launch here.

What’s included in the Lone STAAR Launch?

  • 54 student-led stations that cover the middle school readiness and supporting standards
  • Each station includes an engaging activity, an extension, and reflection questions that are aligned with the TEKS, plus student answer sheets and teacher answer keys
  • Video setup instructions for each station for teacher reference
  • Built-in student checks for a majority of the stations
  • 54 STAAR-formatted practice questions and mastery document
  • 4 brand-new escape rooms by reporting category (1-4) – Can also be purchased individually below
  • STAAR TEKS snapshot
  • Sequence calendar
  • Frequency distribution chart (2013-2019 STAAR tests)
  • STAAR hacking strategy video
  • Daily materials list (this will not break your budget)

The Lone STAAR Launch covers the readiness and supporting TEKS for the 8th-grade science STAAR test in Texas. However, they may align with your state also.

There are a total of 54 stations that cover a wide variety of middle school science concepts.  You can download the full list of standards covered here.

The Lone STAAR Launch Sequence Calendar offers several different options on how to run the review.


I’m confident the Lone STAAR Launch is the most engaging and comprehensive 8th-grade STAAR review on the market.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t have it when I was getting ready for STAAR in my own classroom.

Learn more about individual and school purchases of the 8th-grade science STAAR review course – Lone STAAR Launch.

Hack the 8th Grade Science STAAR Test

Scott Platteter (the Science Duo) and I created this video to teach students how to do a brain dump on the 8th Grade Science STAAR test.  You’ll want to teach them this technique several times throughout the spring semester.

8th-Grade Science STAAR Escape Room Bundle

The 8th grade science STAAR escape room bundle is a set of four immersive experiences for your students. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of many different science topics in a fun and engaging way as they prepare for the STAAR test.

Students will be given a challenge at the beginning of the class before they work through 8 unique puzzles (32 in all) and escape the room.

The video below is the challenge video for Escape Room #4.

What Materials Will I Need?

The escape room can be run in several different ways.  However, the cheapest and easiest method is to use manila envelopes for the puzzles (all directions provided).  There is also an opportunity to use online locks (provided) or your own locks and boxes for a more unique experience.

What’s Included in each of the four escape rooms?

  • Teacher directions
  • Detailed answer key for each puzzle
  • Student answer key
  • Digital answer key (google form) that is great for 1:1 or Google classrooms. Replaces paper answer key if you choose, but not necessary
  • Video challenge to set the mood for the challenge
  • 8 unique puzzles with all printable props
  • A list of over 50 ideas for prizes
  • Reward templates
  • 30 unique signs to hold up for the picture at the end (plus, editable template)

The 8th-grade STAAR Escape Room Bundle can be purchased in my Teachers pay Teachers store.  Note: The full bundle is included in the Lone STAAR Launch above.

STAAR Science Review Booklet

Another option for review is the STAAR Science Review Booklet created by the Science Duo.  This resource includes all 4 Reporting Categories for the 8th Grade Science STAAR Test. Every readiness and supporting TEKS is also covered.  It will help your students review important concepts before the end-of-year STAAR Test.

An amazing review booklet for students to study for the 8th grade science STAAR test

My Personal Recommendation

As a former 8th grade teacher, I’m very familiar with the burdens that come along with the STAAR test at the end of the year.  If you have more than 5 days to prep your students for the STAAR test, then I would HIGHLY recommend picking up the Lone STAAR Launch.  Your stress level will transform from extremely anxious to enthusiastically optimistic once you start reviewing the material.  Your students will be prepared for the STAAR test after the Lone STAAR Launch.

If you only have a couple of days to review, then I would consider a combo of a couple of the escape rooms and the 8th-grade STAAR review booklet (which can be used throughout the year).   I would also consider having a discussion with your department chair or admininstrator about extending out the review period.

Good luck to your students!

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