chris and jill kesler scienceHey guys, my name is Chris Kesler and I want to welcome you to Kesler Science.

This website is a  product of my passion for teaching science in an engaging way.  Let’s leave the boring teaching for the other subjects!

I taught middle school science for five years before I realized my true gift was creating experiences that students loved.

My goal is create fun activities that will help students learn sometimes difficult concepts.

I also know one of the toughest challenges for teachers is to find the necessary time to create meaningful science lessons for their classes.  In the summer of 2015 I took a break from the classroom to help solve this problem for science teachers across the state of Texas and the rest of the country.  Kesler Science was born.

On the blog you will find great information about resources you can use in your classroom tomorrow.  My specialty products are science interactive notebooks and differentiated station labs.  I’m also sharing things that worked well in my own classroom, as well as tips on how you can integrate technology into your lessons.

When I’m not working on the next amazing science lesson you will likely find me spending time with my incredible wife Jill, and our son Colin.  We love to travel as a family and share new experiences together.  The Kesler family motto is, “There’s simply not enough time to say NO to an adventure!”

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