chris and jill kesler scienceHey guys, my name is Chris Kesler and I want to welcome you to Kesler Science.

This website is a  product of my passion for teaching science in an engaging way.  Let’s leave the boring teaching for the other subjects!

I taught middle school science for five years before I realized my true gift was creating experiences that students loved.

My goal is create fun activities that will help students learn sometimes difficult concepts.

I also know one of the toughest challenges for teachers is to find the necessary time to create meaningful science lessons for their classes.  In the summer of 2015 I took a break from the classroom to help solve this problem for science teachers across the state of Texas and the rest of the country.  Kesler Science was born.

On the blog you will find great information about resources you can use in your classroom tomorrow.  My specialty products are science interactive notebooks and differentiated station labs.  I’m also sharing things that worked well in my own classroom, as well as tips on how you can integrate technology into your lessons.

When I’m not working on the next amazing science lesson you will likely find me spending time with my incredible wife Jill, and our son Colin.  We love to travel as a family and share new experiences together.  The Kesler family motto is, “There’s simply not enough time to say NO to an adventure!”

Speaking of adventures, I’d love to include you on my email list.  Subscribers get access to special pricing on products, tips for your science classroom, and a free sampler of my interactive notebook pages.  Click Here to Connect!

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  1. Good afternoon, I am with a district, I am the K-12 Science Instructional Coach. We are interested in purchasing Science Lesson Plans Bundle – 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans, the only issue is we do not have you listed as a vendor. Do you think it would be possible to add you as a vendor for the district?

  2. We watched the webinar today and are purchasing the 5E Bundle. Although it has been longer than 1 hour, are we still eligible for the Game Bundle email?

  3. Hello,
    Love your lab stations! on the “Explore It!” section of your Potential and Kinetic Energy Differentiated lab stations, you called for “two foam pieces and toothpicks to make a roller coaster at least 1 meter tall.” Can you give a picture of this? How long should the foam pieces be? Are the toothpicks used to connect the pieces of foam? How many toothpicks? Thanks, Jane W

  4. I need help with one of your assignments? It’s the space interactive notebook lesson with seasons. You have a picture but I am still unsure where the earth axis go and what to put under fall summer winter and spring ??

  5. I purchased all your Science station Labs for 6th grade. I can’t figure out how to pull up the videos on the task cards for Air Mass. I tried the scanner but it won’t pull up the video on study jams. I tried to put the URL in but it wouldn’t pull up either. I know I’m doing something wrong.

  6. Hello! I am considering purchasing your big bundle. I live in Texas and notice that you do as well. I looked in as many places as I could find, but couldn’t find whether or not these lessons are aligned to the TEKS? I taught 7th/8th grade science for 10 years before taking a 5 year break to raise my kiddos. I am entertaining returning to the classroom next year in a much different setting than the public school I was in before. This is a STEM school that works off of the PBL model. In addition to that the students only go to school half a day and do flipped assignments at home the other half. Do you feel like your big bundle could be used in a flipped assignment situation where students would be watching the PowerPoint or doing possibly some of the work at home?

    1. Everything is aligned to the TEKS right now. You could definitely flip parts of the lessons. I don’t have any videos at this point, but those could be created with the PPT’s to give the students an immersive lesson at home. Now you’ve got me thinking! Maybe I’ll add that component at some point.


      1. Your response back was super fast and I appreciate it so much! I have been going through ratings and such this morning and it seems people LOVE your work! I have another question regarding copyright laws. The students at my new school have Ipads that we are to send their flipped assignments home on using google classroom. Would it be possible to send home parts of your work in a link that they could click on and complete at home? Like let’s say I want them to do part of the lab at home? Are the files such that I could directly link it into google classroom? And would this be a copyright infringement?

        I apologize for all the questions! This is a big purchase for me and my classroom looks totally different than a traditional school so I want to make sure it will be a good fit for us!


        1. The files can all be linked for your students as long as they are the only ones that have access to it. The files can’t be out on a public website for anyone to access. Google Classroom is a private group, right? No problems.

  7. I would LOVE, LOVE , LOVE if you would eventually create power-points to go with the interactive notebooks. This would give me some way to help present the material without the students having to copy mine or wait for me to explain each concept (and would include pictures). Is there a possibility of this in the future?

  8. I love your products and my kids are having a great time using them.
    My GT students wanted me to tell you about a misspell in the food webs differentiated science station lab- they tell me that beaver damn is incorrect and that it should read beaver dam.
    Thank you so much for all that you do.

  9. I love you products!
    My students love your products!
    We (the students and I) use your interactive notebooks and the lab stations.
    Thanks for decreasing my prep time and increasing the student engagement.
    I would love to see something on pH scale.

  10. Just purchased your Science Stations Lab Bundle. Can’t wait to start using them to supplement my curriculum. One of the areas that we are missing in our curriculum that is an Indiana 7th grade standard is Sound. I was wondering if you had any plans to create a sound bundle. I didn’t see on in what I purchased. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  11. Hi, I’ve been using your Space Stations. My students are loving them! I noticed that the Explore it for the Inner planets is missing the third task card. I was wondering if you had it or if it was a typo on the lab sheets.

  12. Love the differentiated station labs. My students call them “rotation stations”. Differentiation is a big buzzword in our county. Going from high school to middle school this year has had me questioning my differentiation strategies so these labs have saved me a TON of time and they truly are aligned with what I think our administrators are looking for with differentiation. I would like to see some station labs on waves (general) or sound waves. Also a great one would be on currents and cirucuits and magnetism/electricity. Keep on rockin’ it!

  13. I LOVE your weather station activities. Today I did the one on Hurricanes. However the Watch it and the Research it links are not available. I tried typing it in with the original link as well.
    There was also a bit of confusion for the explore it station for the children. Any advice?


  14. Hello, in your space interactive notebook, you have a venn diagram on mass and weight. Can you please email me an answer key? Thanks.

    1. Thank you! We just completed this yesterday, and I used my own notes. I’m glad I found this to check myself.

  15. I have just purchased the Food Web packet and am so happy that I did! The students are going to LOVE the stations. I am trying to find the button that will allow me to follow the blog.

  16. Hi! I recently purchased your Chemistry Bundle and many of the pages on the pdf do not print. It seems to be the pages in black and white. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. I’ve printed all the files without any issues. Many times, updating your Adobe PDF Reader will allow you to print.

      If you still can’t get it, you can let customer service know by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page ( or click the “help” button next to the place where you download the file. Team TpT will be happy to help troubleshoot! The technical support FAQ page ( might also be helpful.

      Thanks again for your purchase, and also for your patience.

  17. I resently boughg Earth’s Layers Differntiated Station Labs. You refer to a FREE start-up pack from the TPT store. I can’t find it. Can you help me?

  18. I recently bought the Science Interactive Notebook Bundle and I have noticed that on a few pages the letters seem to overlap. Is there any way I can fix this?

  19. Do your Life, Earth, and Physical Science bundles require printing in color. My school only has B/W copiers and will not pay for color copies.
    Thank you,

  20. I bought the Earth Science Lab bundle and the only thing in it was the rock cycle.?! That is not what the product description says it includes. HELP!

    1. Vicky, the product description says it is a bindle that will be completed on 6/30. The price lower bow because its a presale. It will be ready to download in full by the end of 6/30

  21. Hello,
    I am wondering how you would recommend using an interactive notebook in high school. Would you give to students to takes notes in during a lecture or do they go home and work on it? Thanks.

  22. I just purchased and downloaded your interactive science notebook. I have not had a chance to work with it yet but want to say that I think that you did an awesome job capturing the key points in a fun way!. Kudos!! (FYI- I’m a scientist that is now teaching)

  23. Hi! I just found your resources through TPT. I bought the bundle and I love it! I have been research ISN all year and looking for the best one for my 6th graders. I have purchased sheets from other sellers with incorrect information. I feel very confident in your pages and I can’t wait to start of next year with your pages for our notebooks! So thank you!

  24. Hi I just finished helping two Grade 4 teachers do Genius Hour in their classrooms this winter. I work as an Enrichment Mentor in our District. Can we submit some photos and a summary of our experiences to this blog?

  25. I think Interactive Noteboooks are a great tool for students because they own them and they serve as anchor charts made by the students with the teacher. I think it should be a core class for students that want to be teachers. I think they are hard the first time because you need to teach your students how to do them and they are very detailed, but once they learn, it’s awesome! Thanks Chris.

  26. I recently purchased your interactive books for science. I do not do journals in my classroom. I reduced them down to 85% and am making 8.5 by 5.5 study books. My kids love them. This might be another market or use for your materials. I don’t use journals because scientists don’t use them in the field like they used to. And I am trying to prepare them for high school. I love your notebook pages. I sent an email to my collaborate science group and plan to present them at our meeting with my study book. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Part of the requirements in Texas are that students keep a journal and that’s what got me started down this path. I like the idea of using them as a study book. If I make them ill send you a copy 🙂

    2. I just had to put a little note in about “scientists not using journals in the field like they used to”. All work that I have done has required a journal and if I worked for the government they actually requested the journal to be written in a legible and professional manner because they often would have us turn them in to their office for review once our job was finished.

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