Earthquakes 5E Lesson Plan- Kesler Science

At the end of this earthquakes lesson plan, students will be able to identify the role plate boundaries play in earthquakes, model different types of faults and their related stresses, compare seismic waves and interpret graphs related to seismic waves, identify the process by which epicenters are determined, describe how tsunamis form and their effects, and determine how humans can reduce … Read More


Continental Drift Theory 5E Lesson Plan - Kesler Science

At the end of this continental drift theory lesson plan, students will be able to describe the historical developments that support the plate tectonic theory. Each lesson is designed using the 5E method of instruction to ensure maximum comprehension by the students. The following post will walk you through each of the steps and activities from the continental drift theory lesson plan. ENGAGEMENT … Read More

Stop the Madness – This is Your Opportunity to Encourage Future Scientists

On Monday, August 21st, much of the United States is going to be able to experience a total or partial solar eclipse. When I was in middle school, several events shaped my interest in science. The Challenger explosion happened when I was in 6th-grade reading class with Mrs. Abbott. I remember it vividly. A couple of years later I was standing … Read More

Teach Seasons with This Amazing Station Lab Activity

This post is a guest post from Chris Carrell.  I saw an amazing demo he had setup to teach about seasons in his class and reached out to him.  You’re going to love this one!  Without further ado, here’s Mr. Carrell. This all started with a simple Instagram post.  As a “hip” science educator, I like to connect with my … Read More

The Science of the Leap Year

Leap Year 2016 is Here I was always jealous of leap year babies (aka “leapers”) because they had such a cool anecdote in their back pocket. What do you mean you’re only 6 years old?! How can that be?! 2016 is a leap year, and February 29th is upon us once again. It’s also great year to be a science teacher, … Read More

The Solar System to Scale in this Epic Video

We’ve probably all seen the early 90’s of version of Bill Nye’s scale model of the solar system where he rides his bike to the different planets. Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet have created a modern version of a scale model of the solar system.  Every picture you have ever seen of the solar system has limitations due to the … Read More

Back to School Science e-Book for Secondary Teachers – Free

Back to school science e-book

Over the summer 20+ science teachers collaborated on a free back to school science e-book.  Each page of the book includes a freebie that you could use in your class and some back to school tips for science teachers. The book can be downloaded on Teachers pay Teachers.

L.A.N.D.S Field Trip with Texas Wildlife Association

Last week we took our honors 7th and 8th grade classes to a field trip with the Texas Wildlife Association.  They have a program called L.A.N.D.S. which is an acronym for Learning Across New Dimensions in Science. The field trip was held at a ranch that was nearby our school called Warren Ranch.  I actually taught two of the Warren … Read More