Stop the Madness – This is Your Opportunity to Encourage Future Scientists

On Monday, August 21st, much of the United States is going to be able to experience a total or partial solar eclipse. When I was in middle school, several events shaped my interest in science. The Challenger explosion happened when I was in 6th-grade reading class with Mrs. Abbott. I remember it vividly. A couple of years later I was standing … Read More

5 Tech Tools That Make You More Relevant With Your Students

Let’s get honest for a moment.  Your students probably know more about technology than you do. I see this at this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. As a teacher, I knew there was one surefire way to escalate the excitement level in my classroom.  Bring out the tech! I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorite tech tools which you … Read More

This 15-Minute Activity Will Allow For Massive Growth As A Teacher

Student Surveys Help You Grow One of the most beneficial things you can do as a teacher at the end of the year is to allow your students to take a survey of your class.  Teachers have a unique benefit with their careers, because at the end of the year they have the privilege to be able to reflect back and determine what … Read More

Subject Matter Experts: This 1 Tip Will Allow You To Run A More Efficient Classroom

Efficient Classrooms I’ve always been fascinated by process and efficiency.  Some would call it being critical, but I attest there’s a slow way to do things and a fast way to do things.  When I walked out of corporate America and into the public school system, I felt like I stepped into the land of opportunity.  There were deficiencies in processes almost … Read More

5 Ways to Engage Early Finishers In the Middle School Science Classroom

Your middle school classroom probably looks a lot like mine did. The ability of your students ranges all the way from elementary to high school.  The challenge becomes how to deal with students who work at different paces. If you’re running a student-centered classroom then you probably have run into the issue of finding additional activities for those students who finish … Read More

A Science Demo Day That Students Will Never Forget

For the last couple of years I have done an elaborate science demo day in my class for Halloween.  This is one of those experiences that students will remember when they look back on their middle school experience.  I encourage you to dig deep and really put some thought into the presentation.  It will go a long way in making … Read More

Guide To Using Interactive Notebooks in the Science Classroom

I’ve been working with science interactive notebooks for several years in the classroom and the question that I see come up over and over is, “How do you use them effectively in your class?”  I’m going to answer that in this series of blog posts. What are Interactive Notebooks? When I first showed my INB pages to another teacher on campus … Read More

Teachers are HEROES Sale

We got together and collaborated for a TpT sale. Make your wish lists and empty your carts for this ONE DAY super sale on February 25th. Most stores are discounted up to 20% off. Don’t forget to use the promo code: HEROES. Enjoy! Danielle Knight (Study All Knight) The Classroom Sparrow Michele Luck’s Social Studies Getting Nerdy with Mel and … Read More

5 Characteristics of Amazing Lesson Plans

Do you ever get a chance to reflect on your lessons after they are over? If  you’re like me you probably have to hastily move into the next lesson without giving much thought to what worked and what didn’t work. During a professional development on campus today we were asked to think about the best lesson we have taught all year … Read More