15 Ways to Use Task Cards In Your Classroom

Task cards allow my students to be independent learners and I can use them in a variety of ways in the classroom.  At the basic level task cards are a set of cards that have tasks or questions written on them. They are one of the many teaching tools that I find very effective when it comes to reinforcement and … Read More

Teach About Passions and Innovation Using Caine’s Arcade

The next time you have an extra 11 minutes in class I encourage you to watch the short film Caine’s Arcade with your students.  The film is about a young boy named Caine who builds a cardboard box arcade in his dad’s auto parts store.  He spent the entire summer waiting for customers to play in his arcade, and on … Read More

Engaging Lab Safety Videos for Science Classrooms

The first week in a science class can sometimes be a drag because inevitably we have to review the lab safety guidelines. Not only have the kids heard the lab safety rules a million times, but I get kind of bored going over them each year. They are a necessary evil and serve an important purpose, but I’m ready to … Read More

The Paint is Dry

One of the main goals of this blog is to share my experiences from my 8th grade science classroom. It’s helpful to get to know a little bit about where I work. This year I moved back to the district that I grew up in. I’m forever grateful to Waller ISD for allowing me to grow as an educator and … Read More

Back to School Science e-Book for Secondary Teachers – Free

Back to school science e-book

Over the summer 20+ science teachers collaborated on a free back to school science e-book.  Each page of the book includes a freebie that you could use in your class and some back to school tips for science teachers. The book can be downloaded on Teachers pay Teachers.

Spaghetti and Marshmallows Tower Lab

Last week my class participated in a spaghetti and marshmallows tower building lab.  I purchased that lab from TpT, but only used it as a guideline.  I changed around the parameters quite a bit. Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower Lab Materials 20 pieces of spaghetti per group 20 small marshmallows per group 1 large marshmallow per group 1 foot of tape … Read More

Kesler Science Station Labs – Plug and Play Science Stations

I have re-invented how station labs are going to look in my classroom and wanted to shared with you what I believe a much better solution to the traditional science station lab.  I’ve developed a system that I’m calling the Kesler Science Station Labs Series.  It is a plug in play system that allows the station to remain somewhat consistent … Read More

Top 5 Reasons That Your Class Should be Using Interactive Notebooks

When I was in school we took notes on loose leaf paper that MAYBE made it home with us that night.  There wasn’t any organization in my notes, and I could barely read what was written on them when there was.  Now that I’m a teacher I have seen the power of using an interactive notebook in my class. Top … Read More