Student Weather Report

We’re studying weather this week at school and one of the projects that I’m having my students do is to create their own weather report based on  some weather maps that I provide for them.  I didn’t go into this week with this project in mind, but after a rough day of talking too much I decided to come home … Read More

Body Systems for Interactive Notebooks

I just finished creating a really cool body systems flip book for science journals.  The journal is meant to be put into an interactive notebook, but it could also be used as a standalone activity.  One of the things that I really like about this activity is that it all folds up really nicely onto one page in the journal … Read More

Open Notes Assessments in the Science Classroom

We have been using open notes assessments all year long in our science classes with the exception of our December benchmark (cumulative test).  My scores came back about 10%  higher on the benchmark than I have ever seen on tests prior to using open notes assessments.  Again, the benchmark was not open notes. I’m not posting scores to brag, but … Read More

Jeopardy Answer Sheet Template – Free

One of the things that I don’t like about most review games is that only select students or teams get to answer the questions.  What often ends up happening is that the students that aren’t participating at that moment begin to get off task and become disinterested.  To me, the point of the review is to ensure that all students … Read More

Mad Science Station Labs – Lunar Cycle and Moon Phases

Last week in class we did my Mad Science Moon Phases Station Lab.  This lab is the first lab from my Mad Science Station Lab Series.  The kids seemed to have a great time working through the lab, and I saw many of them have “light-bulb” moments.  I can show the phases of the moon on paper all week long, but … Read More

Moon Phases Paper Plate Lab

There’s nothing high-tech or 21st century about this paper plate moon phases lab, but it’s a quick and fun way for the students to better understand the phases and shapes of the moons.  This can be done in under 30 minutes too! Supplies you will need for the Moon Phases Paper Plate Lab: 4 small paper plates per group 1 … Read More

Kesler Science Station Labs – Plug and Play Science Stations

I have re-invented how station labs are going to look in my classroom and wanted to shared with you what I believe a much better solution to the traditional science station lab.  I’ve developed a system that I’m calling the Kesler Science Station Labs Series.  It is a plug in play system that allows the station to remain somewhat consistent … Read More

Force and Motion Interactive Notebook (INB) Pages

The centerpiece of my force and motion unit are the lab activities that we do in class as well as the notes that are kept in the students interactive notebooks.  If you are a science teacher you already know the value of interactive notebooks (also called ISN’s or INB’s). Interactive notebooks help to compartmentalize thoughts and ideas and allow the … Read More

I Made the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter

One of the goals that I had set out for myself in 2014 was to get one of my products into the Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter. It turns out that I made the newsletter on the last weekend of 2013.  The product that made it into the newsletter is my 3-D freebie that teaches photosynthesis. These are some of the … Read More

Hour of Code in Science Class

The week before Xmas is always a stressful time in the classroom.  This year we actually gave a benchmark during that week. Believe it or not we actually got really good data back from it.  The students seemed to take it very seriously for the most part.  I did have a full day available to me after the benchmark that … Read More