Lab Safety Escape Room

Lab Safety Escape Room - Kesler Science

“The superintendent is trying to decide the fate of middle school labs. He’s not convinced that middle school students can be trusted to do labs safely. It’s your job to prove him wrong! He has sent along a series of clues to test whether or not you and your classmates know how to be safe in the science lab. Demonstrate … Read More

Weather Escape Room

Weather Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your class has been invited to be guest stars on the local news and deliver the weather report on live TV! In order to ensure your class is up for the task, the local meteorologist has sent along some puzzles for your class to solve. He’s given strict instructions to the teacher that only the groups that can break out … Read More

Density Escape Room

“The aquarium has recently acquired a special underwater submersible camera that allows you to explore the tank. However, they have it securely locked away. Only those who are able to demonstrate their knowledge of density will gain special access to the camera. Can you crack the security code or will you miss out on this awesome experience?” Immerse your students … Read More

Rock Cycle Science Escape Room

Rock Cycle Escape Room - Kesler Science

“At the end of a great trip visiting your family in California, you are looking through old family albums. You discover that your great-great-grandfather was caught up in the Gold Rush. Not only did he travel to California, but he discovered a massive vein of gold. He wanted to make sure no one had access to his treasure so he … Read More

Body Systems Science Escape Room

Body Systems Escape Room - Kesler Science

“You are trapped inside a room with the world’s biggest hypochondriac. She complains of every ailment and won’t unlock the door until you’ve answered all of her questions about the body systems. Can you prove that you know more about the body systems than her? Or, will you be doomed to listen to her complain for hours on end? Solve … Read More

Informational Text Science Journal

Informational Text Science Journal - Kesler Science

Literacy skills are essential in order for students to build a strong understanding of science concepts. Students need to be able to interpret informational texts, write and explain scientific concepts, defend claims in science, and demonstrate their understanding through multiple means of representation. We have created the Information Text Science Journal to benefit students and teachers. Included are 40 original … Read More

Lunar Cycle Science Escape Room

“You and your classmates were visiting the NASA space museum in Florida. Several of your classmates decided to try their luck in the Apollo space simulator. There was a computer malfunction and the simulation door has sealed itself shut. There is a limited amount of time before the tour bus leaves and your classmates cannot get out! You frantically look … Read More

Newton’s Laws Escape Room

Newton's Laws Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your friend loves practical jokes and has locked you in a room filled with his funny memes and various games. You must use your knowledge of Newton’s laws of motion to decode the riddles and escape the room. You have less than an hour to solve all of the puzzles and make it to your bus on time. Can you … Read More


Continental Drift Theory 5E Lesson Plan - Kesler Science

At the end of this continental drift theory lesson plan, students will be able to describe the historical developments that support the plate tectonic theory. Each lesson is designed using the 5E method of instruction to ensure maximum comprehension by the students. The following post will walk you through each of the steps and activities from the continental drift theory lesson plan. ENGAGEMENT … Read More


Tropisms and Turgor Pressure 5E Lesson Plan - Kesler Science

At the end of this tropisms and turgor pressure lesson plan, students will be able to investigate how plants respond to external stimuli found in the environment including phototropism, geotropism, hydrotropism, and thigmotropism. Also, they will be able to describe and relate responses, such as wilting in plants, that may result from internal stimuli. Each lesson is designed using the … Read More