Properties of Waves Escape Room

Properties of Waves Escape Room- Kesler Science

“You have been super busy lately and haven’t focused as much on your academic studies. Your parents are concerned that you are not reaching your full potential. You have a big test coming up in your science class about the properties of waves. Your parents will not let you go out with your friends tonight unless you can demonstrate your … Read More

Physical and Chemical Changes Escape Room

“KABOOM!! A chemical reaction has gone off in the science lab. Your teacher, Mrs. Beaker, needs your help. You must use your knowledge of chemical reactions to find the clues and decode them so you can escape before another chemical reaction occurs! Your school is counting on you.” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience with the Physical … Read More

Atoms- Science Escape Room

atoms escape room -Kesler Science

“You are less than an hour away from a complete and total nuclear meltdown! Using your knowledge of atoms you have been tasked to stop the disaster from happening. A series of puzzles stand in the way between your team and complete devastation. The entire world is counting on you!” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience with … Read More


atmosphere 5E Lesson plan

At the end of this atmosphere lesson plan, students will be able to recognize that a limited number of many known elements comprise the largest portion of the atmosphere, identify the composition of the atmosphere, identify the layers of Earth’s atmosphere, demonstrate how the Sun’s energy impacts weather and atmospheric movement, and identify the 4 main cloud types. Each lesson … Read More