Kesler Science Giveaway

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Tpt is having their largest sale of the year.  In support of the sale, I’m not only marking my store down 25% but I’m also giving away 20, $20 gift cards.  There are many ways to enter.  Good luck    

“When Are We Going to do Another Lab?”

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“When Are We Going to do Another Lab?” Early on in my teaching career, I had a student ask me this question and I panicked.  I had a hundred responses on we couldn’t do labs ALL. THE. TIME., but looking back most of them were just excuses coming from a brand new teacher. I always felt like teaching science was … Read More

5 High-Quality Characteristics to Consider When Using Natural Phenomena in Your Science Classes

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5 Characteristics of Great Phenomena in the Science Classroom

We’ve all seen that blank stare on students’ faces whenever you’re teaching an abstract science concept like atoms or cells.  They are either thinking to themselves, “Why does this matter to me?”, or “I wonder what’s for lunch today?” A teacher’s job is difficult enough as is.  Using natural phenomena to introduce a science concept is a research-based method to increase … Read More

How to Download YouTube Videos for Classroom Use

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Many of my station labs and 5E lessons have links to YouTube videos which can become problematic if your school blocks YouTube.  I’ve tried to avoid these problems by also providing a link to the video using my own Google Drive.  However, there are now thousands of students using my labs on any given day and you may get a … Read More

Back To School Science Giveaway

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I’ve teamed up with a bunch of secondary science authors to give away FIVE, $100 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates this back-to-school season.  Also, I’ll also be giving away TEN, $10 gift certificates of my own. You can enter the contests below, but I wanted to throw a great tip your way on how to bring your class to attention. I … Read More

Secondary Science Teacher Giveaway

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School is starting up again soon and the secondary science teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers have your back!  To kick off this school year, we are giving away resources and individual store shopping sprees.  There are TWO rafflecopters below where you can win prizes. The first is a rafflecopter where you can enter to win $10 worth of resources from … Read More

What is Genius Hour?

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What is Genius Hour

What is Genius Hour? Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom.  It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.  It’s not easy to determine where the idea was originally created, but there are at least two events that have … Read More