Density Lessons for Middle School

Density is another unit in middle school science that kids have a tendency to struggle with.  I have put together a complete step-by-step lesson plan that is to be taught over the course of 5-6 class periods.

My density lesson plan includes:

  • Complete lesson plans for a 5-7 day unit on Density
  • 3 video lessons (~10 mins each) created by me that will be used to instruct key concepts on different days of the unit.
  • 3 sets of notes that will used with the videos.
  • 3 activities that will be done after learning the concepts
  • 3 hands on labs, including a station lab to tie everything together
  • 3 SMART board presentations that are directly from the videos
  • Optional homework to reinforce concepts
  • Density Quiz to assess knowledge

This is a sample video that you will get for one of the lessons. The package will include the .avi files so that you don’t have to be online to watch them.

The density lesson for middle school unit will drive itself, so that you can spend time your facilitating the learning rather than teaching it.

We have used this exact set of lessons in my district for the last couple of years and students have tested very well on this concept.

Density Lessons for middle school