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The Free Spangler Phenomenon Lesson Includes:

  • Complete teacher directions with materials list, usage tips, learning objectives, hand-outs for in-class use, and answer keys
  • Crisp, clear presentation slides in standard and digital interactive format
  • Part 1: Think Like a Scientist - Students think and behave like real scientists and engineers as they analyze inspiring phenomenon related to matter, mass, and temperature. They get inspired by a Steve Spangler video then create their own water thermometers.
  • Part 2: Study Like a Scientist - Students gather facts from an engaging article that relates to matter, mass, and temperature. You can also pause here to add other activities and experiments like Station Labs and Inquiry Labs to expand their experiences.
  • Part 3: Work Like a Scientist - Students reevaluate their conclusions after watching the exclusive Steve Spangler explanation video. They then engage in a writing, drawing, or building activity – or all three! – to demonstrate what they have learned about the essential questions.

Science Education Just Got An UPGRADE.

Kesler Science lessons are used by tens of thousands of teachers.

The Spangler Phenomenon Lessons are easily implemented in classrooms and provide engaging, student-led experiences.  

CHRIS KESLER  //  Kesler Science, LLC

 Steve Spangler videos have been viewed by billions.

High-quality videos are the cornerstone of the Spangler Phenomenon Lessons. Steve's energy and excitement throughout the videos will keep students learning while having fun.

STEVE SPANGLER  //  Steve Spangler, INC

Together, they are upgrading science education.

  • Spangler Phenomenon Lessons use the winning combination of Steve Spangler videos and Kesler Science lessons to engage and excite students.
  • The Kesler Science Membership now includes LIVE professional development, six times per year, led by Steve himself!
  • The recorded session is available for viewing by members for 30 days following the PD.
  • More collaborative products coming in the future!

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