Important Updates to All Station Labs – Action Required

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This blog post is lengthy but describes some changes in all Kesler Science Station Labs. However, I’m going to give you the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version right up front.


  • Every station lab has been updated. Re-download them for the latest version.
  • The old links in the labs to my own personal Google Drive have been replaced with links to Amazon Cloud storage. This will resolve the “too many connections” errors your students may have encountered.
  • You no longer have to copy and paste links. All links are clickable.
  • Links to important supporting resources have been added to every station lab (fb group, MasterClass training videos, station lab blog posts, etc.)
  • Leveled reading passages for the Read It! station are coming in the next few weeks.

Still reading and want to learn more about each of the changes?

1. If you have purchased a station lab or 5E bundle from me then you should re-download the latest versions ASAP.

Re-downloading updated products depends on how you purchased the bundle.
A. If you purchased on TpT:
Login to TpT
Click on your account on the top right
Click on My Purchases
Scroll to the purchase and re-download

B. If you purchased on my site (
Log out of
Log back in
New files have either been updated or added automatically.

2. Recently an error has been occurring when too many students are trying to access my personal Gmail drive for the Watch It! videos. We have resolved this issue by moving all of those resources onto a stable Amazon s3 (cloud) server. All of the links have been changed and will re-direct to the new locations. You will need to follow the directions from step 1 above to see these changes.

3. There is a known issue with the PPT for Mac and Adobe Acrobat. If a hyperlink is too long, and spans beyond one line, the link is broken when the document is saved as a PDF. This causes headaches for teachers because they have to copy and paste the full URL to browse the site from the Teacher Directions page. I have decreased the font size to ensure that all links on the Teacher Directions page are only on one line. The end result is that all links are clickable and will take you to the correct site.

4. At the beginning of each lab, I have included links to resources that will help support you with the station labs and beyond. Each product now contains links to videos, a professional learning community, and blog posts that will support your teaching.

5. One of the products we are working on over the next several weeks is to add a leveled reading passage to each of the station labs Read It! stations. The new passage will be several grade levels below the current passage to allow you to differentiate this station with your students. More information will be sent out as we complete the project.

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