One of the things that I don’t like about most review games is that only select students or teams get to answer the questions.  What often ends up happening is that the students that aren’t participating at that moment begin to get off task and become disinterested.  To me, the point of the review is to ensure that all students are reviewing the material that they are going to be assessed over.

We play Jeopardy in my class a lot, and I developed a system that allows for every student to participate with every question.  I hand each student the Jeopardy Answer Sheet and require each student to fill in the answers to every question that comes up on the board.  Since the class is going to answer every question it really doesn’t matter which order you go in and you save a lot of time messing around with which question is going to be next.  I can simply just go down the rows.  I’m not a huge proponent of a quiet classroom, but I will say that playing Jeopardy this way is much quieter than playing it in teams.

At the end of the game I will have the students tally up their scores and then make a wager on the back of their paper before showing them the Final Jeopardy question.

I will then have the students calculate their final total and give out something to the top 5 or 10 scores in the class.

Download the Jeopardy Answer Sheet here.

jeopardy template review sheet

If you have any thoughts or comments I would love to hear them.

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