FREE Moon Phases Card Sort Activity

Arguably one of the most challenging science concepts to teach in middle school is the moon phase unit.  It is such an abstract idea and many students just can’t wrap their heads around it.

I have created a moon phases card sort game that helps put things into perspective.

The product includes:

  • 8 moon phase photos cards with moon phase name on them
  • 8 blank moon phase photo cards
  • 1 Sun with name on it
  • 1 Sun that is blank
  • 1 Earth with name on it
  • 1 Earth that is blank

There are two activities in one with this product.  The first activity allows the student to place the moon phase photo and name card in the correct location, as it relates the Earth and the Sun. To enrich this activity you could also use the photos and name cards separately. They would have to place each of them as it relates to the Earth and the Sun.

This activity is also included in my comprehensive mad station science lab covering the lunar cycle.

The second activity allows the student to match the picture and moon phase name with each other.  There are actually many ways that you can setup the activity, but these are some of the ways that I have used it.

I use this moon phase card sort activity to solidify knowledge in the classroom, but have also used it during interventions or as a state test prep activity.

The activity is 100% aligned with TEKS 8.7B

8.7B demonstrate and predict the sequence of events in the lunar cycle.

Enjoy it. This is a great one!

Moon Phases Card Sort Activity