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Often schools and districts require paperwork to become an approved vendor. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation, including W-9’s, applications, and sole-source affidavits.
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A membership to the Kesler Science membership gives a teacher access to an online dashboard from which they can download or print all of the Kesler Science products.

We have alignment guides for Kesler Science products sorted by NGSS, TEKS, or topic.

View all of the Kesler Science Alignment Guides.

All of the lessons are written using the 5E Method of Instruction, which is a well-researched pedagogy for science classrooms.

Out of nearly 3 million resources on, the Kesler Science 5E Curriculum Bundle is the top-selling science curriculum on the site. The lessons have been tested in middle school classrooms all over the country and the thousands of feedback/reviews from teachers speaks for itself.

Yes, you can view a wide variety of lessons and activities for free using the directions below.

1. Go here Kesler Science Welcome Gift Bundle
2. Click on the yellow button at the top.
3. Create an account.
4. The lessons will become active on your dashboard.

The Lab membership includes hours of online professional development videos explaining how to use the major product lines.

Tens of thousands of teachers are using Kesler Science products in their classrooms every day.  

“When you’ve been in the classroom for 40 years the one thing you don’t want to do is waste valuable time reinventing the wheel. Kesler 5E lessons are designed to help any teacher save time, but the best part is they use the time tested 5E method that has been around for decades because it is successful in the classroom.

These lessons walk you through the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate steps of all the topics needed for middle school science taught using standards- whether state or NGSS.

Because you can pick and choose which sections to use or skip or add to the lessons are totally customizable. These lessons can supplement a textbook or web based program or be used in place of one.

As a National Board Certified Teacher I know a good lesson when I see it and these units are the perfect foundation for a comprehensive middle school science curriculum. ” S. Cumiskey

“I started using the 5E Lessons last year and noticed an immediate change in the level of engagement…. I also saw increased understanding, retention, and assessment scores.

My 8th graders take the standardized test (Missouri Assessment Program- MAP) in science and last year’s class had the highest level of proficient and advanced of any class I’ve administered the test to in 11 years of teaching up to that point (6% higher than the previous highest class and NO below basic)!”
R. McMillan

“Last year was my first year using the 5E lessons in 8th grade science and after years of dropping performances, my passing percentage went WAY up with a tough group!

The students loved being able to take ownership over their learning in the station labs which also gave me quick formative assessment opportunities and opened up lots of teachable moments! Having modified options was a life saver for me as well as for my special ed and 504 students!”A. Reynolds

“Kesler’s 5E model has transformed my teaching entirely. My classroom has become more student-led and I have embraced the change. My students are more engaged, and I enjoy seeing their progress, creativity, and curiosity in science!”C. Murphy