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Kesler Science Membership

  • What is the Kesler Science Membership?

    The Kesler Science Membership gives middle school science teachers access to ALL the Kesler Science resources – including updates and new releases – for the duration of the subscription. Finding high-quality lessons has never been easier for science teachers.

  • What is included in the membership?


  • how do teachers access resources?

    Teachers will access their resources from a dashboard using a unique login.

  • What technology is needed?

    A modern web browser is needed to access the resources. Most resources are PDFs, PPTs, or DOCs. Resources can be imported into learning management systems like Google Classroom, MS Teams, Canvas, and Schoolology.

Teacher Approved

  • Who Uses Kesler Science?

    Tens of thousands of middle school teachers use Kesler Science curriculum. Kesler Science is the #1 selling middle school teacher-author and has been peer-reviewed by fellow teachers over 50k times.

  • What do others say about Kesler Science?

    “Last year was my first year using the 5E lessons in 8th grade science and after years of dropping performances, my passing percentage went WAY up with a tough group! The students loved being able to take ownership over their learning in the station labs which also gave me quick formative assessment opportunities and opened up lots of teachable moments! Having modified options was a life saver for me as well as for my special ed and 504 students!” – A. Reynolds

  • Is it research-based?

    All of the lessons and activities from Kesler Science have been tested in classrooms across the country. The foundation of the resources is the 5E method which is one of the most recognized teaching strategies for science.

  • What kind of support is included?

    Members will have access to “members-only” professional development videos which explain the resources and how to implement them most effectively. We are also just an email away to help with any customer support issues.

  • Are there sample lessons I can look at?

    Absolutely. Teachers or admin can download $50 in free resources to get a feel for the quality and structure of many of the different lessons.

Meeting your needs

  • Does the curriculum include differentiation??

    Yes. Most of the lessons include support for differentiation. Some examples include, three levels of inquiry labs, reading passage at different levels, additional sentence stems for questions, and completely different versions of the station labs for on-level and developing learners.

  • Is the curriculum distance-learning friendly or 1:1?

    Yes. In addition to the distance learning version of the station labs, science reading comprehension, escape rooms, and writing prompts, we are upgrading many additional product lines this summer and early fall.

  • Does it align with my standards?

    You can view our alignment guides here.

  • How does the curriculum support ELA??

    The Kesler Science curriculum is student-centered and requires them to obtain information through reading. Specifically, there are resources like the science reading comprehension, station labs, and sub plans within the curriculum that focus on comprehension and inferencing.

  • How can the resources be used with my students?

    Resources can be used in class as paper resources or on digital platforms like Google Classroom and Schoolology. Resources are downloaded directly from the Kesler Science dashboard.


  • What is the cost

    $299 per year. Each teacher will need their own license.

  • Are there discounts for schools and districts?

    There are discounts for more than 10 licenses. Email here

  • How does licensing work?

    Each teacher will need their own license. The license covers one teacher and all of their students.

  • Do you take Purchase Order (PO's)?

    Yes. Purchase orders for the Kesler Science Membership are always accepted. Please fill out a quote request here. Individual products or bundles can be purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers.

  • Are you an approved vendor?

    A W-9, sole-source, or required vendor information can be obtained by sending an email to We will gladly fill out any paperwork necessary to become an approved vendor if we aren’t already.

  • How do I obtain a quote?

    Please fill out a quote request here. We will email you back with a quote during normal business hours.

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