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Covey Denton

Covey Denton is a K-8 Science Educator at the Sallie B. Howard School of the Arts and Science. She has been teaching science for seven years, and in that time has secured over $100,000 in grants for her classroom. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Biomedical Engineering from UNC Chapel Hill and a Masters in STEM Education through the NASA STEM Endeavor program at Adams State University. In addition to teaching, Covey enjoys presenting science on the news as a special guest on the WITN news shows.  

Jennifer Eglin-Mosley

Jennifer Mosley has taught students and has been a teacher-leader and mentor in schools of diverse populations for 16 years. One of her main goals is to always make positive, productive, and pertinent contributions to conversations that affect the lives children and educators alike. She presently works in Aldine ISD, where she has been recognized for student growth, as being an "Extra-miler" two years in a row, and was voted Teacher of the Year for her campus in school year 2019-20. She continues to do her best to equip and empower her students and encourage her colleagues daily.

Dr. Lori Feaga

Dr. Lori Feaga received her Bachelor of Science degree with High Honors in Astronomy from the University of Maryland in 1997.  She then continued her education at the Johns Hopkins University where she successfully defended her doctoral thesis and received her Ph.D. in Astrophysics in 2005.  

Currently an Associate Research Scientist at the University of Maryland, Dr. Feaga is a planetary scientist focusing on the molecular composition and distribution of ice and gas surrounding small bodies in the Solar System (e.g., comets, asteroids, and Kuiper Belt objects) and how they relate to the protoplanetary disk from which the Earth formed. Her observing techniques include ultraviolet to infrared spectroscopy, visible imaging, and time-domain surveys.  Dr. Feaga has extensive NASA mission experience, having held instrument, science, and outreach roles on the Deep Impact, EPOXI, Comet Hopper, and Rosetta missions, and intends to lead her own small satellite mission in the future.  

From an early age, Dr. Feaga received encouragement and support from her family to pursue a career in astronomy, yet often found herself immersed in male dominated STEM classes and professional settings.  It is because of these experiences, combined with her interest to share her own science, promote science literacy, and inspire others to enter the STEM fields, that she continually engages in education and outreach and enthusiastically presents her work to students of all ages.

Nancy Foote

Nancy Foote, MEd, is currently a Conceptual Physics teacher in Gilbert, Arizona. She worked as an Industrial Chemist for the Sherwin Williams Company before obtaining her Master’s degree and teacher certification. Nancy has been in education for more than 30 years as a teacher, principal, staff development coordinator, teacher on special assignment. and curriculum coach. A National Board Certified Teacher, Nancy is also a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

A.J. Juliani

AJ currently works as the Director of Learning and Innovation at Centennial School District (PA), and is faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (PLN).

Read more about his story at

Chris Kesler

A Houston native, Chris is an award-winning educator and the founder of Kesler Science, LLC.  You can read his story at

Dr. Jen Nekrease

Dr. Neakrase currently teaches 8th grade science in the Science Magnet program at Sierra Middle School in Las Cruces, NM. Previously she taught mathematics (and one year of music) at a private elementary school for gifted and talented children.

After earning her Bachelor's in Astronomy and Astrophysics and her Masters in Physics, she went on to earn her PhD in Science Education. She was particularly interested in how students were learning astronomy and physics, which led her into curriculum development.

Her research focuses on the pedagogical content knowledge, practices, and nature of science beliefs of in- and out-of-field teaching for physics and elementary teachers.

Emily Olsen

As a twenty-year educator, Emily has spent the bulk of those years in high-needs, low socioeconomic schools.  Her experiences have focused not only on the academic needs of her students, but more often on their emotional, behavioral, and social needs.  Though she started out teaching elementary school students, she quickly found her “home” in middle school (and she will tell you it is not for the faint of heart, but she loves it.)  “I grew up in a neighborhood similar to the ones my students live in.  I have seen and experienced much of what they are going through and use that to connect with them.  I encourage my students to set their goals high and try to give them the tools they will need to fulfill them.”  

Macie Rains

Macie is a science teacher from College Station, Texas. She has seven years of experience teaching math, science, and robotics classes to 4th-8th grade students. Currently, she teaches 7th grade science in the Odyssey STEM Academy housed within Bryan ISD. In 2018 she completed coursework to earn her national STEM certification through The National Institute for STEM Education, and in 2020 she earned her masters degree in education administration from Texas A&M University.

Amber Roberts

Teaching is a second career for Amber. She discovered this passion 15 years ago when she rejoined the workforce after staying home to raise her young children.  "There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than building relationships with the families in my community," she says. "Teaching science is really my vehicle for connecting with people." Currently, Amber teachers middle school science at a small, rural district in northern New York.

Special Guest Steve Spangler

Steve Spangler is a best-selling author, educator, and Emmy award-winning science communicator who finds the most creative ways to make science fun. His videos featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok have over 1 billion views, but he may be best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos into an erupting geyser of fun.

Steve is a popular keynote speaker at education conferences around the globe. His professional development workshops focus on best practices and instructional strategies to increase student engagement through phenomenon-based learning.

Steve’s nationally syndicated series called DIY Sci appears on FOX / CW affiliates as well as Amazon Prime. He’s also a frequent guest on the Ellen Show where he never fails to surprise and entertain both Ellen DeGeneres and the Burbank fire department. Ellen calls him… "the science teacher you always wanted to have in school… because the fire department shows up twice a year."

Dr. John Spencer

Dr. Spencer is a former middle school teacher and current college professor on a quest to transform schools into bastions of creativity and wonder.

Learn more about Dr. Spencer at

P.J. Stewart

PJ received her BA in Cognitive Science from Wellesley College and her MA in Peace and Reconciliation Studies with a certification in Innovation Engineering from University of Maine Orono.  

PJ has volunteered extensively with the Restorative Justice Project (RJP) in Belfast, Maine. As a community facilitator, she led participants through the restorative circle process. PJ also mentored youth during their court-ordered alternative agreements, allowing them to avoid a court record. Currently, PJ works in special education in the Hampden, Maine area public schools.

Ali Stone

Ali is the Project Manager for Kesler Science.  Ali taught a variety of middle school subjects - including science, math, coding, and art - for six years before joining Chris as his first full-time employee. Prior to teaching in the classroom, Ali worked in the access control industry as a technical writer, corporate trainer, and curriculum developer. She earned her BA in Education from the University of Maryland College Park.

Shawn Sutton

Shawn has been a middle school science teacher in New Jersey for nearly a decade. He has written pieces for the educational website Edutopia discussing alternatives to traditional lab reports and adjusting instruction for distance learning. His published work featured in Science Scope magazine cover engagement strategies and phenomenon-based instruction that align with the Next Generation Science Standards. Shawn has been interviewed for the National Science Teachers Association’s “Member Spotlight Series” and has offered his services as a consultant and professional development presenter.

Erin Twamley

Erin Twamley is an educator and author of multicultural children’s books showcasing diverse STEM role models and careers for students. As the lead author and creator of STEM Superheroes,™ a book series featuring the stories, careers and superpowers of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), she aims to bring these careers into classrooms and homes. Ms. Twamley is passionate about gender equity in STEM education and the workforce. She spends time as a global facilitator with USA Girl Scouts Overseas and has lived on 3 continents. Visit to learn more about her STEM publications and educational encounters.

Olivia Mullins

Science Delivered is an education nonprofit focused on elementary science and equity in education. Led by Dr. Olivia Mullins, founder, educator & former neuroscientist, the curriculum and programming aims to provide and promote quality science enrichment for K-5+ classrooms. Launched in 2018, the STEM Trading Card project introduces students to diverse role models in a variety of STEM career paths at an early age. Dr. Mullins supports education that makes rooms for students’ full selves, includes equal time for science and social studies, and has adequate prep time, resources, and autonomy for teachers.

Together, Science Delivered and STEM Superheroes™ have collaborated to help change perceptions of “who is in STEM” and encourage broader participation in STEM by sharing more real world diverse Superheroes in classrooms with the STEM Superheroes Trading card collection.

Angela Watson

Angela Watson is a productivity and mindset specialist, author, and motivational speaker for educators. She is National Board Certified and has a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, along with 11 years of classroom teaching experience and over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Through her blog (which she started in 2003), podcast, five books, printables, online courses, and professional development services, Angela has supported countless teachers in choosing a new identity for themselves which is healthy and focused on what matters most.

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