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A Virtual Conference for Science Teachers

  • The STARS Conference celebrates science teachers!  Our goal is to reinvigorate amazing science educators across the country. The conference features a series of presentations from noted speakers and rock star teachers just like you.
  • The STARS Conference is designed to fit into your busy schedule. All the sessions are pre-recorded; these on-demand presentations will are available to watch at your convenience and revisit throughout the year
  • Each session offers a certificate of attendance that teachers can download and print for their administration.

Special Guest Speaker - Steve Spangler

Steve Spangler is a best-selling author, educator, and Emmy award-winning science communicator who finds the most creative ways to make science fun. His videos featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok have over 1 billion views, but he may be best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos into an erupting geyser of fun.

Steve is a popular keynote speaker at education conferences around the globe. His professional development workshops focus on best practices and instructional strategies to increase student engagement through phenomenon-based learning.

Steve’s nationally syndicated series called DIY Sci appears on FOX / CW affiliates as well as Amazon Prime. He’s also a frequent guest on the Ellen Show where he never fails to surprise and entertain both Ellen DeGeneres and the Burbank fire department. Ellen calls him… "the science teacher you always wanted to have in school… because the fire department shows up twice a year."

His presentation on Phenomenon-Based Learning will show how you can overcome the obstacles and bring true engagement into your own classroom.

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Thrive in Your Classroom

The STARS presenters represent a diverse group of experienced educators, authors, and scientists.  They'll guide you through the challenges you face daily - everything from finding funding for materials, connecting with a wide range of learners, and incorporating the latest in science and technology.

Classroom Wishes Granted: How to Use Grants to Get Materials for Your Science Classroom

Have you ever wondered how to find, apply for and win grants for your science classroom? Is it a task that just seems daunting or impossible with your current workload? Whether private or public, there is money out there waiting for you!

This presentation will share tips, tricks and how to spend just one weekend a year on grant writing. That's right, just two days a year is all you need to secure funds for hands on materials, field trips, and Kesler Science Membership fees! You will leave the session with an action plan, a list of valuable resources, and a firm understanding of the steps you need to take to make your first grants a success.

Covey Denton  //  Science Educator

Beyond the Buzz

Do you desire to have a classroom that reflects and encourages multicultural engagement? Would you like the tools to help create an inclusive culture within your classroom?

In "Beyond the Buzz", I'll lay a foundation using practical strategies and activities that foster diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in the science classroom.

Jennifer Eglin-Mosley  // Science Educator

Small Bodies, Big Science

The solar system is filled with objects orbiting the Sun - the majority of which are very small compared to the eight planets - but these small objects hold the most informative and least altered clues to our system's history and formation.

I will introduce some of our observing techniques, present some of the exciting small body science results revealed in the past decade, and emphasize the importance of these distant and seemingly insignificant bodies.  I will also share some activities and resources that you can adapt for use in your classroom when teaching planetary science.

Dr. Lori Feaga  //  Associate Research Scientist, University of Maryland

10 Tech Tools Every Science Teacher Needs

I'll start by sharing the 10 most useful tools for science classrooms, but we won't stop there. There are so many companies vying for your attention - and your money. How do you decide what's quality and what's fluff? I'll teach you my proven method to separate the good apps from the not-so-good.

Flipped Classroom - Hype or Teaching?

Is the flipped classroom a tool, or is it hype? I've been flipping my classroom successfully for more than 14 years. My students' success is off the charts!  Not only has it given me more time in class, but I've also been able to help millions of students around the world. You can too! It's our secret, but it's really not that hard to accomplish.

Nancy Foote  //  Science Educator

Student-Centered Classrooms for Today's Student: Engaging All Learners Through Choice, Technology, and Innovative Practices

Our learners today live in a completely different world than we did 25, 15, or even 10 years ago. Students have access to on-demand information with the click of a button on their phones. In today's world, technology is growing exponentially, change is an expected part of our lives, and we have tools that have revolutionized the way we think about teaching and learning. 

Yet, on the fundamental level of learning, we know that all of this change needs to be channeled for it to have a positive impact on our students and in our classrooms. I'll go into detail on how to build a student-centered classroom that promotes authentic learning experiences for all students. 

AJ Juliani  // Author, Speaker

The Kid at the Back of the Classroom

Thousands of science teachers use Kesler Science on a daily basis, but what most of them don't know is that I was a terrible student in middle and high school.  Becoming an award-winning teacher was the last thing anyone expected of me.  

In this session, I'm going to share how a kid hiding in the back of the class (me) developed strategies and solutions that can reach all your students.  You'll leave the session with the secret ingredients that make an impact in your science classroom.

Chris Kesler  //  Founder, Kesler Science, LLC

Planning for NGSS Success

When the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were introduced, many teachers had to completely rethink lesson planning and how students learn. When planning a unit within the NGSS framework, we are asked to have students think in three dimensions.

I'll present an example unit developed with NGSS three-dimensional learning that fits within a typical nine week grading period. I'll highlight how the integration of the three dimensions, student knowledge cycle, and using the process of science can make the NGSS rewarding (and successful!) for both the teacher and the student.

Dr. Jen Nekrease //  Scientist, Science Educator

Trauma in Teaching: Connection Through Compassion

Teaching students that have experienced or are experiencing trauma can be downright exhausting, and for many, career-ending.  By preparing yourself for the eventuality that you will come across students who have been affected by trauma, you can set yourself and your students up for success. Through positive interactions, restorative practices, and by providing a stable support network for our students, we can forge a path toward healing and achievement.

Emily Gomez Olsen  //  Science Educator

Science and Schoology

Schoology has the potential to transform your teaching. The problem? Most teachers don't have the time to learn the ins and out of the LMS.  I'll present beginner and intermediate skills to master Schoology, including tips and tricks specifically for teaching science

Macie Rains //  Science Educator

Building Relationships Through Communication

Do you dread contacting parents? Do the phone and keyboard weigh a hundred pounds when you go to use them?  Do you struggle finding time in your busy schedule to reach out to parents?  Communication is a teacher’s superpower, and one you can develop by implementing a few easy systems.  I'll show you that by taking some proactive measures, you can set the stage for positive parent interactions.

Amber Lynn Roberts  //  Science Educator

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

Collaboration can be challenging in the classroom. Often, one member does all the work while others hang back and watch. In this session, we explore how to improve collaboration by designing for student ownership, interdependence, trust, and structure. We'll walk through specific, practical strategies you can use in the middle school science classroom to make collaboration work.

Dr. John Spencer  // Author, Speaker

An Introduction to Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is simple and effective, but to do it well, everyone involved needs to understand and commit to its principles and guidelines. I'll present an introduction to restorative justice practices, including brief sections on its history, its structure and process, and the ways it's used, in courtrooms, communities, the classrooms and school disciplinary processes – even the playground!

PJ Stewart  //  Science Educator

Making Sub Days Painless and Productive

How many times have you taught while you were sick -  just because taking a sub day would create more chaos than it was worth?  Now teaching while sick isn't even an option. What can teachers do?

Sub days don't have to be a lost day for learning, and they don't have to be painful to prep.  I'll show you the elements of a successful sub plan and a strategy for making the process as painless as possible.

Ali Stone  //  Project Manager, Kesler Science, LLC

How Do We Teach Science Lessons That Stick?

In this presentation I'll discuss strategies teachers can use to engage science students, particularly during remote/hybrid instruction. This includes emphasizing broader skills over discrete memorization and providing learners opportunities to hone scientific habits of mind. I'll address how good science teaching practices can be maintained in the current challenging teaching environment.

Shawn Sutton //  Science Educator

Connecting Classroom Learning to Modern STEM Role Models & Careers

“Why does this matter?” “Why should we care?” As science learning becomes more advanced, students can start to wonder how the time spent in the classroom is meaningful to them.

Bringing diverse and modern role models who work in STEM and are solving real-world problems like plastic pollution, effective vaccines, or fast fashion is one strategy to answer these “Why” questions. How do you find role models that are relevant to classroom learning and who reflect the cultural diversity of our communities?

Science Delivered and STEM Superheroes™ will share ideas, resources, and role models to connect your classroom lessons to STEM careers.

Erin Twamley  //  Author

Dr. Olivia Mullins  //  Founder, Science Delivered

Craft an Inspiring Vision for the New School Year with a More Sustainable Way to Teach

Let's counter the false "lost year of learning" narrative and find a more strengths-based, empowering perspective on the challenges ahead. Learn how to focus on what's most impactful with students and streamline the rest. You'll walk away with new clarity about priorities, which will give you confidence in your teaching practice and empower you to set boundaries for better work/life balance.

Angela Watson //  Author and Founder,

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