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How To Increase Student Engagement In Your Middle School Science Classroom with Student-Led Station Labs

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Chris Kesler from Kesler Science

"Chris, thanks for everything you've created so far, it has REVOLUTIONIZED my classroom. I had an Observation using one of your labs, and got higher scores than EVER!!" - Cincywildcat1

"Thank you! This was amazing, your information was concise and was so relatable to the current classroom. Not just full of buzz words, but realistic helpful tools and information!!" -Stephrod26

"I attended this webinar today. Looks like great labs and got my wheels turning" - Lisa Blankinship

"Thank you! I appreciate your organization and how prepared you were! I also appreciated the pictures! That helps me a lot ot see how this goes!" - L. Vandermuelen



You're Going To Learn...

  • How to save time as a science teacher by creating processes for your station labs that are easy for students to understand.  
  • Strategies to increase student engagement through student-led station labs.
  • How to increase student retention by differentiating your content for multiple learning styles. This is much easier than it sounds and the results are AMAZING!
  • How to become a facilitator rather than a lecturer.
  • How to get students excited about learning science content.


HEADS UP: Space is limited and my trainings often fill up. I would encourage you to get there a few minutes early to ensure yourself a spot in the webinar room.

I can't wait to share with you the station-lab strategies that transformed my science classroom. Claim your spot below!

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