Biomes Escape Room

Biomes Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your teacher is applying for a summer travel grant for you and your classmates to experience the wonders of Iceland! The application deadline is this afternoon so you only have one class period to prove to the grant selection committee that her students are among the best and brightest in the world when it comes to knowledge about biomes. They’ve … Read More

Rock Cycle Science Escape Room

Rock Cycle Escape Room - Kesler Science

“At the end of a great trip visiting your family in California, you are looking through old family albums. You discover that your great-great-grandfather was caught up in the Gold Rush. Not only did he travel to California, but he discovered a massive vein of gold. He wanted to make sure no one had access to his treasure so he … Read More

Body Systems Science Escape Room

Body Systems Escape Room - Kesler Science

“You are trapped inside a room with the world’s biggest hypochondriac. She complains of every ailment and won’t unlock the door until you’ve answered all of her questions about the body systems. Can you prove that you know more about the body systems than her? Or, will you be doomed to listen to her complain for hours on end? Solve … Read More

Lunar Cycle Science Escape Room

“You and your classmates were visiting the NASA space museum in Florida. Several of your classmates decided to try their luck in the Apollo space simulator. There was a computer malfunction and the simulation door has sealed itself shut. There is a limited amount of time before the tour bus leaves and your classmates cannot get out! You frantically look … Read More

Physical and Chemical Changes Escape Room

“KABOOM!! A chemical reaction has gone off in the science lab. Your teacher, Mrs. Beaker, needs your help. You must use your knowledge of chemical reactions to find the clues and decode them so you can escape before another chemical reaction occurs! Your school is counting on you.” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience with the Physical … Read More

Atoms- Science Escape Room

atoms escape room -Kesler Science

“You are less than an hour away from a complete and total nuclear meltdown! Using your knowledge of atoms you have been tasked to stop the disaster from happening. A series of puzzles stand in the way between your team and complete devastation. The entire world is counting on you!” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience with … Read More