30 Middle School Science Sub Plans to Save You While You’re Out

I’m Sick, Now What? It’s 3 am and you wake up feeling terrible, but you know you have to teach later on that day.  The first thing I used to think was, “It would be easier to just go to school sick than to create a meaningful sub plan right now.”  Has that ever happened to you?  It doesn’t need … Read More

Setting Up Effective Science Stations for Your Middle School Classroom

Setting up effective science stations in your middle school classroom

Are Science Stations Effective Middle School Science Activities? Science stations are a staple in my classroom and have made the biggest impact on student mastery.  I’m a firm believer in student-led learning in any subject, but in science, it is so important that hands-on exploration is part of the learning process.  There’s no reason your middle school science curriculum should … Read More