What order do you teach the Kesler Science 5E lessons?

I receive the question, “In what order do you teach the Kesler Science 5E lessons?” several times a week.  My answer is always the same.  It depends.  There is no “correct” order to teach them.  Every state and district has different sequencing suggestions, which is why I created the 5E lessons to be independent of each other. I’ve made a … Read More

Potential and Kinetic Energy Escape Room

Potential and Kinetic Energy Escape Room - Kesler Science

“You and your best friend are competitive when it comes to sports and games. You’ve decided to have another friendly competition, but this time you will see who knows more about potential and kinetic energy. The clues have been assembled and the clock is set. Who will be the ultimate winner?” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience … Read More

Periodic Table Escape Room

Periodic Table Escape Room - Kesler Science

“You’ve been kidnapped and taken to the lair of the evil scientist, Dr. Wackadoodle. He will only let you leave if you can answer a series of puzzles about the Periodic Table. Your freedom depends on it. The countdown begins now!” Immerse your students in a fun, engaging, learning experience with the Periodic Table Science Escape Room! We have created … Read More

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Escape Room

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your best friend’s cells have mutated into the “zombie virus.” The cure is locked away in a nearby location. You must quickly answer these puzzles about prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells to get your hands on the cure. Otherwise, your friend will be doomed to be a brain-eating zombie forever. Don’t waste time – he’s counting on you!” Immerse your students … Read More

Biomes Escape Room

Biomes Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your teacher is applying for a summer travel grant for you and your classmates to experience the wonders of Iceland! The application deadline is this afternoon so you only have one class period to prove to the grant selection committee that her students are among the best and brightest in the world when it comes to knowledge about biomes. They’ve … Read More


Earthquakes 5E Lesson Plan- Kesler Science

At the end of this earthquakes lesson plan, students will be able to identify the role plate boundaries play in earthquakes, model different types of faults and their related stresses, compare seismic waves and interpret graphs related to seismic waves, identify the process by which epicenters are determined, describe how tsunamis form and their effects, and determine how humans can reduce … Read More

Lab Safety Escape Room

Lab Safety Escape Room - Kesler Science

“The superintendent is trying to decide the fate of middle school labs. He’s not convinced that middle school students can be trusted to do labs safely. It’s your job to prove him wrong! He has sent along a series of clues to test whether or not you and your classmates know how to be safe in the science lab. Demonstrate … Read More

Weather Escape Room

Weather Escape Room - Kesler Science

“Your class has been invited to be guest stars on the local news and deliver the weather report on live TV! In order to ensure your class is up for the task, the local meteorologist has sent along some puzzles for your class to solve. He’s given strict instructions to the teacher that only the groups that can break out … Read More

Density Escape Room

“The aquarium has recently acquired a special underwater submersible camera that allows you to explore the tank. However, they have it securely locked away. Only those who are able to demonstrate their knowledge of density will gain special access to the camera. Can you crack the security code or will you miss out on this awesome experience?” Immerse your students … Read More