To say this was a hard year to be an educator is an understatement. As my Kesler Science team and I worked quickly to create engaging resources for you to use with your virtual students, I remember thinking about what I would be doing and how I would be feeling if I was still in the classroom. 

There's No Tired Like Pandemic Teacher Tired

I know you must be tired and burned out, and I know the last thing you want to think about right now as you end your most challenging year ever might be professional development this summer. That is a totally reasonable way to feel!

I want to share with you my thoughts on why this just might be the most important summer ever to get quality professional development.

science teacher professional development

Silver Linings Lesson Plan

Next fall, kids will be even more “out of the groove” than just the usual summer slump. Some of them may not have been on campus for 18 months! While many in our field are discussing “learning loss,” I like to look at the other side of the coin and think of this as both an advantage and an opportunity.

Teachers have a chance to upgrade and restart students into a new world of education. You're going to be able to take a lot of learned best practices and integrate them into your classes.

You'll also be challenged to not only assess which skills they need remediation, but to find creative new techniques to re-engage them.  

Lastly, you'll be energizing yourself to be a "REAL" science teacher again, complete with explosions, things that squish, and lots of hands-on rigorous learning!

Professional Development Comes in Many Colors

Going to a physical conference and sitting in sessions from 8 to 5 is not the only way to get meaningful professional development. Sure, those types of conferences are cool and fun ways to meet new people, and walking through the exhibit hall is always a blast. Over the last year, we've proven there are other effective ways to handle professional development.

Reading books, blogs, or listening to podcasts are great ways to learn in small doses. For some, watching shorter presentations or videos on YouTube that are customized to your interests and needs is much more appealing.

In order to process this new information it's effective to reflect back on your learning with a mentor or grade-level team and discuss how you can implement the new strategies into your classes.  

Reach for the STARS

Some professional conferences have moved partially to virtual, but keep you sitting in front of your screen from 8 to 5 (like you didn’t have enough of that all year!).

Thinking about ways to help teachers in small doses pushed the Energizer Bunny in my brain to go double-time, which led to the creation of the Science Teachers Are Rock Stars or STARS Conference, presented by Kesler Science.

My goal is to reinvigorate amazing science educators across the country and give them the tools to make the new school year better than ever.

The STARS Conference celebrates science teachers, with noted speakers and rock star teachers who will guide you through the challenges you face daily - everything from finding funding for materials, connecting with a wide range of learners, and incorporating the latest in science and technology. Not to mention that our keynote speaker is my partner in science, the one and only Steve Spangler!

The STARS Conference is unlike other types of professional development because we have compiled a menu of presentations from professionals that represent a diverse group of experienced educators, authors, and scientists, with all the sessions pre-recorded.

With your registration, you will have access to 16 on-demand presentations of 60 minutes or less that will launch on June 22, 2021 and will be available for the rest of the year.  You can watch right away, one-a-day when you have a pocket of time, or pop in any time if you need a refresher!

Register now for the Pre-Launch pricing of $89.99. After the launch in June, the regular price will go up to $109.99.

I can’t wait to help you prepare to make the this upcoming school year the best ever.

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