FREE Kesler Science Professional Development


Effective Station Labs Webinar

In this webinar teachers will learn how to create station labs which will allow student to take responsibility for their own learning while staying completely engaged.

Inquiry Labs for a Truly Differentiated Lab Experience

In this webinar, teachers will learn about the Kesler Science inquiry labs and discover how they can be used to truly differentiate learning for all students.

Science Interactive Notebooks Webinar

The Science Interactive Notebook webinar will guide you through my best practices of using INB’s in your classroom.

You will learn the processes and strategies I used to help maximize time and effectiveness of interactive notebooks.

5E Science Lessons Webinar

This training will walk science teachers through the 5E model of curriculum development. Teachers will leave with a strong foundation and actionable strategies which will increase

How to Run and Escape Room Webinar

In this webinar, teachers will learn how to design and run an escape room for any topic. Engagement will go through the roof after introducing these exciting activities.