FREE Kesler Science Professional Development (Work in Progress)

5E Science Lessons Webinar

This training will walk science teachers through the 5E model of curriculum development. Teachers will leave with a strong foundation and actionable strategies which will increase

Your webinars are absolutely the most useful, practical and helpful PDs I have participated in. I enjoyed them. Chock full of ideas!” – Rene Leutz

Effective Station Labs Webinar

In this webinar teachers will learn how to create station labs which will allow student to take responsibility for their own learning while staying completely engaged.

“Thank you! This was amazing, your information was concise and was so relatable to the current classroom. Not just full of buzz words, but realistic helpful tools and information!!” -Stephrod26

Effective Station Labs Webinar

Coming by the end of July 2018

Science Interactive Notebooks Webinar

The Science Interactive Notebook webinar will guide you through my best practices of using INB’s in your classroom.

You will learn the processes and strategies I used to help maximize time and effectiveness of interactive notebooks. I will also show you how I model my own notebook for students and exactly what I put in the INB. Lastly, you will learn some tips on how to grade your notebooks and create your own templates.

20 Tech Tools Webinar

Coming by End of July 2018

Genius Hour Webinar

Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.

AJ Juliani and Chris Kesler will share their experiences and strategies for implementing genius hour into your classroom (K-12)

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The Launch Cycle Webinar

The Launch Cycle webinar will guide you through the design thinking process and how to use it for classroom projects.

Students are given an engaging challenge and are lead through a process to bring their project to life. The launch cycle encourages critical-thinking with leading questions which guides students through the process. You will also receive a free design thinking challenge for your classroom.

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