I receive the question, “In what order do you teach the Kesler Science 5E lessons?” several times a week.  My answer is always the same.  It depends.  There is no “correct” order to teach them.  Every state and district has different sequencing suggestions, which is why I created the 5E lessons to be independent of each other.

I’ve made a document to show you the order that I would teach the lessons, but this is just a suggested sequence.  Please refer to your state and district standards when developing your own scope and sequence.

I’d also suggest the beginning of the year is a great time to focus on lab safety, classroom expectations, and topics like graphing, measurement, and the scientific method.  There are station labs for those topics, but not full 5E lessons.

Each full 5E lesson takes about eight to ten days if taught with fidelity.  However, there are outliers on each end of that timetable.  A typical 5E lesson could be sequenced like this, assuming 45-minute class periods.

Download the Kesler Science 5E suggested sequence document here.



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